Sewing, an art with the cloths

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Sewing is a hobby which you can pursue by staying at home only. It does not need so many preparation or raw materials. Only a needle and different colors of threads are enough to start with the stitching. there are so many variations of different kinds of patterns in this sewing procedure. They all are unique in nature. Some of them are listed here.

1. Cross Stitch:

Cross Stitch is done at the hem of the cloth. It is done to make the hem of the cloth look good. It is really easy to make and also you can expect it to look just like some cross designs made in your drawing book once. cross teachers are done by inserting the needle at one corner of the cloth and taking the thread from left to right. It looks clean when it is done at the name of a cloth and looks as if the stitch is done by crossing each other.

2. Slip Stitch:

The slip stitch is another form of sewing pattern which can be considered as the stitching pattern for beginners. This type of stitch is almost invisible in the cloth and so it looks really neat and clean. It is done around half an inch apart from each other and generally, the stitch is loose. This is a kind of states which is used to make up some wrongly made stitches. It is generally done by some expert people who are doing this kind of stitches for a long time. Then only it looks as clean as invisible stitches. So slip stitch is not for the beginners but for the experts who really know how to do stitching from the basic to the advanced level.

3. Buttonhole stitch:

Buttonhole stitches are done when we need to stitch some eyelets or buttonholes. in buttonhole stitches the stitch is made in a circular form with a hole at the middle of it. It looks just like an eye or a button. This type of stitch is not very easy and not so tough either. But a bit of expertise is needed to do this for sure. This type of stitch is done to make some intricate designs of flowers also and it looks really unique if you do this on your trendy clothes.

4. Zig-zag stitch:

A zigzag stitch is made in the form of a zigzag by taking the needle from left to right diagonally. This type of states looks really fashionable in the clothes and it does not need any kind of expertise as it is mainly done in a sewing machine. So whoever knows how to operate is sieving machine can do this.


This was the list of some very basic Sewing patterns among which some are for beginners and some are for experts. Saving is a very good hobby to pursue in in the free time. It really clears our unnecessary stress and rejuvenates the mind. So it can be considered as a very good stress reliever.