Sewing, a nice hobby to do in free time

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Sewing is one of the best hobbies to do in the free time. This hobby is a very creative one and it can give you the inside of some really good designs to make on your favorite cloth and even on your dresses also. There are so many Sewing patterns are available in the market which can make you feel relieved from all the stress by it’s tangled designs. Some of the Sewing patterns are listed below.

1. Marfy Patterns:

This is a very expert level pattern which you will be able to do if you know Sewing very well. It is a precut and single sized pattern and so it has to be done very carefully. As it is a free Cut pattern so the size should be measured properly before cutting. The cut is made in a good paper and so it can be used for so many years. It is a very intricate pattern and so only experts can do it properly. Marfy patterns look really good on dresses because of its trendy style and minute detailing in the design.

2. Running stitch pattern:

Running stitch pattern is the easiest among all types of sewing patterns. It is the basic stitch pattern which is taught at the beginner level. It is all about a simple stitching by putting the needle inside the cloth and bring it outside and making a pattern of a dotted line all over the cloth. Sometimes knots are given at the back to make the design compact and keep it in place. It is the best design to start with for the people who are just starting to sew. So it can be done in the free time to start learning the basics of sewing patterns.

3. Basting Stitch:

A basting stitch is just like running stitch, but it is a bit longer than that. The stitches are around 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches. this can be used in lightweight clothes as well as heavyweight clothes as it is a compact design itself. Basting stitch shoes are taught right after the running stitch and the difference can be seen from the size of the stitches only. No other differences can be seen from the naked eye. So it was another Sewing pattern to check out if you are at the beginners level of sewing.

4. Backstitch:

Back stitches are considered to be the most compact one. These are done by taking a very small stage and insert the needle at the end of it and put a speech at the backside like left to right of the cloth. every time the needle is inserted to the end of the stitch taken earlier. This backward move makes this stage really robust and it cannot be broken easily.


This was our list of some interesting Sewing patterns which can be done in your free time. All the patterns are unique in nature and useful in some ways. So this can be given a try for sure. What’s great is that newer sewing patterns work well with the best rated machines for sewing, so there’s very little room for error.